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So you’ve decided to take control of your own health and the infectious diseases that may come and strike us all down from time to time?

Whether they be systemic infections like chest infections, urinary tract infections, infections of the eyes and ears OR topical infections of the skin, like athletes foot, AND skin injuries caused from accidents or bites and stings.

Colloidal Silver also accelerates wound healing and gives a better cosmetic appearance, as well as treating the pathogens that cause infections, Colloidal Silver isn’t just a broad spectrum anti-infective against bacteria, viruses and fungi!

We also have a large and growing back library of medical studies and articles from all over the world on the treatment of numerous infectious diseases and wound care with Colloidal Silver, which our members can access by e-mail from us at any time.

Why you should consider keeping Colloidal Silver at home as an alternative treatment for many common infections.

“Colloidal Silver has proven to be toxic to all tested species of fungi, bacteria, protozoa, parasites and many viruses. More importantly, unlike conventional antibiotics, infectious agents cannot build a resistance to Colloidal Silver. Taken internally, colloidal silver may improve digestion; help prevent colds, flu and all organism-caused diseases. Colloidal Silver can also be used as a douche, atomised, nebulised or inhaled. Applied externally, Colloidal Silver has been shown to help with conditions such as skin abrasions and burns (including sun burn). Colloidal Silver can also be dropped into the eyes and ears to help the body overcome infection.”

Kurt Grange, Ph.D., N.D., nutritional bio-physiologist and author.


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